To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool.. (or Hybrid.. or Digital.. Oh My!)

To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool.. (or Hybrid.. or Digital.. Oh My!)

Posted by Eileen Foley on 23rd Aug 2020

The new school year is fast approaching and in this crazy world we are now navigating, so many parents are trying to make the best decisions they can for their children. There is a huge uptick in homeschooling, many districts are allowing digital learning and hybrid options and I am hearing from so many parents that they are stressed, concerned, worried and confused on how to proceed.

Each family has their own individual needs and situation and there is truly no right or wrong answer that can fit all. As a matter of fact, many families may decide on different options for different children in their household. For those families who are choosing to homeschool, I am so excited to have completed my First Grade Curriculum. I have already been offering the Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum for those with younger children. I will next begin writing the Second Grade Curriculum this autumn with a select group of testers receiving the files early in raw format at a discounted rate.

Other families who are sending their child off to school in some fashion have decided to supplement at home with our Afterschool Guides to help make this school year a big more magical under the circumstances.

After numerous requests for mentorship, I have opened up slots for parents who just need real life support. Being a parent and teacher is so rewarding but it can also be overwhelming and isolating, especially in these very difficult times of social distancing. I am here for you as a friend, experienced mother and educator and I will do my best to bring my experience into our discussions to help you.

Whatever your family decides, remember you are not alone - you are doing a wonderful job - and your love and concern for your child will guide you. Wishing you a very safe and healthy school year ahead.


*beautiful homeschool classroom photo submitted by @movedbythemoon_swayedbythesea (Instagram Account)