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Weaving Goodness, Community and Home

Today is Martinmas and also Veteran’s Day in America.  I love the way that Waldorf schools celebrate this special day with lantern walks, songs, crafts and community.  I’m not sure I ever really got over the fact that my girls could not attend our local Waldorf school but one thing I have worked hard to …

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The Winner of the Free Martinmas and Thanksgiving Festival E-Book!!!

Congratulations to Serena who is the winner of a free copy of Little Acorn Learning’s  latest festival e-book for Martinmas and Thanksgiving (Serena please contact us at info (at) with your email to send your e-book).  Her comment was randomly chosen from yesterday’s post:“This is our first year celebrating Martinmas. We spent a morning …

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Martinmas Baking and a FREE E-Book Giveaway!!

Many people may not be familiar with the festival of Martinmas which is on November 11th.  In Waldorf families and schools, it is a celebrated festival filled with lanterns, songs, games and baking. And if you do not already know, Little Acorn Learning has just released a HUGE new e-book filled with ideas, tutorials and …

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Martinmas and Thanksgiving – A New E-Book from Little Acorn Learning!

Celebrate the Beautiful Late Autumn Festivals of  Martinmas and Thanksgiving with Your Children! 149 PAGES of Verses, Fingerplays, Poems, Song, Crafts, Meditations, Book Recommendations,Circle Times, Recipes and Much More to Guide You in Celebrating the Martinmas and Thanksgiving Festivalsin Your Home or School! ONLY $24.99 Authors:~ Eileen Straiton, Little Acorn Learning ~ Sara Wilson, Love in the SuburbsTable of Contents*Beautiful Book Recommendations*St. Martin and …

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Battling Dragons

Today is Michaelmas.  If you are unsure what this festival is all about, click here.  When I became interested in Waldorf Education, one of the things I loved most was the emphasis placed on seasonal festivals and celebrations.  Being raised Catholic, I was taught to pray to many Saints and St. Michael the Archangel has …

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Michael’s Sword Napkin Holders for Michaelmas

Do you know what Michaelmas is?  If you are not familiar with Waldorf Education, this mysterious Fall Festival may not be something you are familiar with.  From our Autumn Equinox and Michaelmas Festival E-Book:“The significance of the Michaelmas festival in Waldorf schools is seen in the story of a simple boy, who acts out of …

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Make a Solstice Sundial!

Happy Summer Solstice from Little Acorn Learning!  Here is a very fun and easy activity you can do with your children to celebrate this beautiful, light-filled festival from our June 5 Day Program. Solstice Sundial In times past, the sundial was a useful tool and a staple in every mother’s garden.  Spend time this week …

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Breathing In Autumn

“At no other time (than autumn) does the earth let itself be inhaled in one smell, the ripe earth; in a smell that is in no way inferior to the smell of the sea, bitter where it borders on taste, and more honeysweet where you feel it touching the first sounds. Containing depth within itself, …

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Fleeting Moments

Oh these moments, they are so fleeting – aren’t they?  I haven’t been in this space for a long time and find it harder and harder to keep up with my blog.  Yet, I have a deep desire to once again keep this place active and updated and I hope to find a way to …

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