And, Just Like That.. I’m a Beekeeper!

This is actually round 2 in my adventures (or attempts) in beekeeping. I tried to keep one hive at my old home many years ago but because of the close proximity to my pool, it was a disaster. All of the bees spent much of their time enjoying the chlorinated water while we dodged them …

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Adventures in Maple Syruping

My oldest daughter, who doesn’t live at home, rightly said the above video was like Maple Zen…when I sent it to her.  We tapped about 10 trees this year with new supplies we purchased from Tap My Trees (great resource for those of you who are looking to try this!) We did this on a …

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Adventures in Backyard Homesteading – Raising Chickens

The time has finally come! I’ve wanted chickens for so many years and finally they are here!  I did a lot of research and chose very carefully.  We have eight baby chicks that we ordered from along with a beautiful chicken coop that was expensive but will really keep them warm and dry during …

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Garden in Bloom and More

I can finally share some garden photos.  The ground really wasn’t even ready for planting until early June this year so I feel like things are moving slow for us.  We expanded the garden by three more square foot boxes and planted all different types of vegetables this year including:  romaine lettuce, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, …

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Backyard Maple Syruping

There are many really awesome things about living in New England and Maple Syruping is definitely one of them.  We have an abundance of maples in Connecticut and it is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time.  This past Saturday we attended a class on Backyard Maple Syruping at a farm we …

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