Painting with Wildflowers

The girls and I discovered an amazingly fun new way to create with nature today.  On one of your nature walks collect the tops of flowers that you come across (dandelions work great!).  On white paper, use the flower tops to “paint” pictures and see your child’s face light up when the color of the …

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Hand-Me-Downs Stop Here – Saying Goodbye to Babyhood

A few weeks ago I started sorting through all of our winter and spring clothing and like each year, prepared to put stuff away or into a hand-me-down box for the next child to wear when they got bigger.  But, this time was different.  Now that my youngest daughter is growing out of all of …

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The Gift of An Unhurried Childhood – Nature Club Saturdays

Allergy season has come upon us and two of my four daughters suffer so badly that they can hardly open their eyes in the mornings.  I decided to leave my own girls home for this reason today and headed off to meet my nature club children on my own. It was strange going off to …

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We had such a fun experiment with this mushroom kit.  The mushrooms grow in recycled coffee grounds right on your windowsill in less than 10 days.  The process really amazed the girls and it was so much fun to watch and chart the progress.   The mushrooms seemed kind of yuck to us at first …

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International Homeschool Fair

We took part in an International Fair that was held by Connecticut homeschoolers this past weekend.  This was a timely opportunity for us because Maia had been really sick last month (we are still unsure why but luckily all blood results seem ok) and she missed another International Fair she was scheduled to be involved …

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Nature Club – Food Cycles

Our challenge for the future is that we realize we are very much a part of the earth’s ecosystem, and we must learn to respect and live according to the basic biological laws of nature.   -Jim Fowler My winter Nature Club has come to an end and our last meeting was wonderful. The hardest part …

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