Maple Syruping

Adventures in Maple Syruping

My oldest daughter, who doesn’t live at home, rightly said the above video was like Maple Zen…when I sent it to her.  We tapped about 10 trees this year with new supplies we purchased from Tap My Trees (great resource for those of you who are looking to try this!) We did this on a …

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All in a day’s work … literally.

We finally did it!  We gathered enough sap from the four maples we tapped in our backyard to boil it into syrup.  This was a perfect activity for the first day of spring to share with the girls!   As you can see from the first photo above, we had a decent amount of sap. …

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Backyard Maple Syruping

There are many really awesome things about living in New England and Maple Syruping is definitely one of them.  We have an abundance of maples in Connecticut and it is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time.  This past Saturday we attended a class on Backyard Maple Syruping at a farm we …

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Maple Syruping in Connecticut

We took a little field trip one Saturday afternoon with some friends to a maple syrup farm.  The event was free and very simple but it was cool to show the children how maple syrup is made and how much work goes into the process.  We were absolutely FREEZING and were very thankful for our …

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