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Nature Study

Bird Study and Nature Notebook Journaling

Supplies Needed: Bird Binoculars Nature Notebooks from September Monthly Curriculum Crayons/Watercolor Pencils/Pencils or Pens Bird Field Book from Public Library (optional) After your morning circle, take the children Bird Watching. Take along binoculars, a field book from your local library, your nature notebooks and something to color and write with for your journaling. As you …

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Little Classes in My Home and Our Backyard Farm

Last week began a series of little classes I am offering in my old daycare space to children in town and in my neighborhood.  Nature Detectives is VERY full and each week we focus on a new subject of learning about nature.  Last week was The Sun and Sundials to celebrate the Summer Solstice. It …

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Learning Together in Nature

This little video says it all.. this is exactly why I love doing what I do so much.  It was taken the very last day of the Forest Preschool session and is such a beautiful memory for me to capture.   I love that the weather is warm and we can be outside so much again. …

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Full Worm Moon Today – Build a Wormery with Your Children!

Today we welcome the Full Worm Moon. Go outside with your children tonight and look for the beautiful moon together! It is hard to imagine the ground softening any time soon here in Connecticut. Today my girls are enjoying a snow day!    After seeing my youngest daughter’s artwork today, I guess I’m not the …

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Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

Thanksgiving Leaf Garland Supplies Needed: Leaves from Nature Walks Thread and needle or sewing machine or yarn Take the time to bring your children on daily nature walks this week.  As you walk along, gather any leaves that catch your eye to create this Thanksgiving Leaf Garland to decorate your home or nature place with.  …

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October’s Moon and Verses to Share

It’s a beautiful month for moon watching and charting.  Maia’s 5th grade class is keeping a Moon Phase log and the timing couldn’t be better.   Yesterday there was a total lunar eclipse of the Full Hunter’s Moon.  Native Americans called it the Hunter’s Moon as it signifies a time to go hunting in preparation …

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Nature as the Classroom

It’s back-to-school time and at Little Acorn Learning, we like to see our community teaching their children outdoors! Show us photos of your children learning in nature to inspire others to move their classrooms outside this year!  Here’s the info: This Month’s  Facebook Photo Contest theme is… *Nature as the Classroom*      It’s time for the August …

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All in a day’s work … literally.

We finally did it!  We gathered enough sap from the four maples we tapped in our backyard to boil it into syrup.  This was a perfect activity for the first day of spring to share with the girls!   As you can see from the first photo above, we had a decent amount of sap. …

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