Autumn Pumpkin Box

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Autumn Pumpkin Box

This is from our leftover inventory of October 2021 Head, Heart & Hands Subscription Boxes. This is a one time payment for one box only.


By popular demand, we are now offering overstock boxes for one time purchases. These can be gifted to your child or another child or be a way for you to sample our subscription box program.

Sign up for Head, Heart & Hands and save. Each month your child will receive a lovingly curated surprise box filled with toys, crafts, lessons, and more! Our family works hard to put these boxes together with the whole family in mind. You can cancel your subscription any time. 

Inspired by natural living and Waldorf Education, each box will be curated with love at our family-run business JUST for you and your child. We do our best to include enough items to share and work on as a family but also have a sibling add-on option if you wish for us to duplicate the toys and crafts inside each box for another child. 

This Autumn Pumpkin Box includes:

- One gnome knitted toy

- One autumn postcard (postcard holder not included)

- One knitting fork (lucet) with yarn and instructions

- Paper leaves to use for crafting

- All natural orange play dough colored with annatto seeds (wheat flour ingredients)

- A pumpkin suncatcher to make and hang in your window

- Lesson on the Lifecycle of a Pumpkin

- October Daily Ideas (this may be replaced with current month depending on when you order)

- The Legend of the Candy Fairy 

- Modeling Pumpkins Craft Idea