Bird Log Journal Book for Kids

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Bird Log Journal Book for Children 

Educators have long known about the positive effects that come from journaling. This log book by DeAnna Brandt is designed to help build the self-esteem of kids through creating something of their own—their own artwork, written observations—their own keepsake!

Inside are:

- 30 log pages that gently guide kids to record their important observations, both written and drawn!

- A bird fact, game, project or way to help birds is included on each one!

- An illustration of a bird body with all the parts labeled for easy identification and 2 pages of common words that the young birder needs to know.

- A life list is included to record up to 32 different birds that you’ve seen!

- 13 photo/art pages to paste a photo or do more artwork.

- A log tips page for special hints on using this log and birding basics.

Bring this log on your next outing or nature walk! Play some games or do a project! Write down the bird you see, draw a picture of it! Does it have a nest? How many are there? Look closely to discover more!