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Build a Wormery


“from wet clay where no seed will grow the worm”

– Elizabeth St. Jacques

 Did you know earthworms are sometimes called “night crawlers” because they shy away from the light and often come to surface when it is dark outside in order to vegetate? Earthworms can dig very deep underground, often getting down over 4 or 5 feet!

Earthworms feed off of many different things including leaves and roots. They are very important to our earth as they transport the minerals and nutrients from what they eat and pass it back into the soil through their waste. Those nutrients then fuel other living things with rich soil to grown in like trees, flowers and vegetables which we need to help us breathe and eat!

Worms can be considered living composts and are very good for your garden!  

Learn more about these interesting creatures up close by then by building your very own homemade wormery with this free download!

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