Earth Peace Flag Kit

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Earth Peace Flag Kit


In the Little Acorn Learning Second Grade Curriculum we are learning about different cultures and religions. During Week Ten, Second Grade we learn about Buddhism. One of the activities in our program is to learn about Buddhist Prayer Flags and Symbols. While this kit is not meant to replicate Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags, it is a wonderful companion to our curriculum! 

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags host a mantra or prayer on each flag and Buddhists believe that the wind picks up the messages and prayers and through the air spreads it to the world! What a lovely concept no matter what your spiritual beliefs, and so very needed at this time in our world. 

Hang these in your garden or homeschool area as a reminder of your hopes for peace, love and kindness.

Mix our natural earth paints in the enclosed mixing cups, and the creamy, tempera-like paint makes it easy to paint colorful, custom designs on the hemp flags. The packaging is 100% post-consumer recycled, with biodegradable bags and mixing cups. 

This kit contains:

6 vibrant colors of Natural Earth Paint

4 hemp flags, 6.5" x 8.5" (sewn with a loop to thread rope)

1 hemp rope

1 bamboo paint brush

6 biodegradable mixing cups