Mother Earth and Her Children - A Quilted Fairy Tale - Used/Some Wear on Cover

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Mother Earth and Her Children - A Quilted Fairy Tale by Sibylle von Olfers

Used Book/Some Wear on Cover/No Sleeve

Intricate illustrations depict details of a modern quilt inspired by Sibylle von Olfers' classic storybook Mother Earth and Her Children

This vibrant new translation, in turn inspired by the quilt, explores the changing of the seasons and delicately touches upon the circle of life. When Mother Earth calls her children to prepare for spring, the earthly children yawn and stretch before they busy themselves with beautification. They dust off the bumblebees, scrub the beetles, paint bright new coats on the ladybugs, and rouse the caterpillars from their cocoons. Bedecked with new blossoms, the children emerge from the earth and become spring flowers that frolic through the summer and autumn, until the leaves begin to fall and they return to Mother Earth, bringing the weary bugs and beetles back to their winter refuge.