Seeds, Self-Reflection – Homeschool Weekly Themed Lesson



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Theme: Seeds, Self-Reflection


18 Pages Full with Weekly and Daily Ideas Based Off of a FUN Theme!

 Introducing Weekly Homeschool Lessons based on themes to help you bring rhythm and structure into your week with the children. We are now offering the option to buy our curriculum by the week. They are ideal for mixed-aged situations with ideas for both young and older children included.

 These weekly themes include one full week of blessings, verses, nature walks, crafts, book recommendations, teacher’s classroom work ideas, story time prop ideas, blackboard drawing ideas, recipes, children’s meditations, caregiver meditations, outdoor suggestions, stories, fingerplays and much more! 

Each day is completely planned out for you with most supplies already in your own home. They can be used alone for homeschooling early childhood children or as a structure to your day and week for older children as you weave in other academic work. 

 Please note: These weekly lessons are pulled from our Preschool/Kindergarten and some parts of our First Grade Curriculum. This is all you need for Preschool & Kindergarten ages. It is not meant to be an all-inclusive program for the elementary years. Please weave your other academic homeschool lessons into each weekly theme for older children. Little Acorn Learning is Inspired by the Waldorf Philosophy of Education, as well as other Holistic Educational Methods.

 This Week:

Read Stories About Seeds
Draw Seeds and Garden Things
Start Seedlings Indoors
Plan Your Garden
Sing Songs of Seeds and Gardening
Read a Story About The Little Seed
Share Short Morning Talks About Seasons, Seeds,
Gardening, Growing, Roots and Germination
Make Oat and Seed Breakfast Jars
Estimate Seeds & Calculate Differences for Mathematics
Learn About Seeds & Germination
Plant and Grow Lima Bean Sprouts
Grow Your Own Corn
Play a Sowing Seeds Circle Game
Play ‘Pin the Vegetable in the Garden’ Game
and for the grown ups:
A Caregiver Meditation about Self-Reflection
Caregiver Focus on Self-Reflecting on Your Purpose

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