Spring Animals, Awakening – Homeschool Weekly Themed Lesson



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Theme: Spring Animals, Awakening


28 Pages Full with Weekly and Daily Ideas Based Off of a FUN Theme!

 Introducing Weekly Homeschool Lessons based on themes to help you bring rhythm and structure into your week with the children. We are now offering the option to buy our curriculum by the week. They are ideal for mixed-aged situations with ideas for both young and older children included.

 These weekly themes include one full week of blessings, verses, nature walks, crafts, book recommendations, teacher’s classroom work ideas, story time prop ideas, blackboard drawing ideas, recipes, children’s meditations, caregiver meditations, outdoor suggestions, stories, fingerplays and much more! 

Each day is completely planned out for you with most supplies already in your own home. They can be used alone for homeschooling early childhood children or as a structure to your day and week for older children as you weave in other academic work. 

 Please note: These weekly lessons are pulled from our Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum which is a Non-Academic Program Inspired by the Waldorf Philosophy of Education, as well as other Holistic Educational Methods.

 This Week:

Read Stories About Spring Animals & Springtime
 Sing Songs and Fingerplays at Circletime 
Read a Story ‘In the Barnyard’
Share Short Morning Talks About Spring and Animals this time of Year
Create a Bird Chart
Go On a Spring Scavenger Hunt
Make Homemade Butter
Cut Spring Animal Sihouettes
Make a Recycled Bird Feeder
Spend time Bird Watching and Identifying Birds
 Paint with Feathers
Learn About Spring and Spring Animals
Knit a Little Toy Hen
Craft Wool Lambs
Create a Farmyard out of Blocks
Practice Vocabulary with a Bird Nest Game
Move Like Spring Animals
Play Animal Charades 
Play Farmer in the Dell 
Practice Animal Rhyming Words
Learn Animal Care
Practice Math with Spring Drawings and Equations
also, a Caregiver Meditation About Awakening and a Focus on Awakening to Deeper Truths

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