Week One – First Grade Curriculum – Squirrels & Nuts, Preparation



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Week One – First Grade Curriculum

Squirrels & Nuts, Preparation


artwork by Elsa Beskow 

 (Recommended Ages 6-7 ready for an academic, secular, art and nature-based curriculum )

Be one of the very first homeschoolers to explore, review and sample our brand new first grade curriculum. Start here as Week One is the beginning of this holistic and nature-based full year program. The program can be altered easily if you are starting at a different time of year. Based on weekly themes, the story, number and letter of the week will take your child on an adventure of exploration, magic and a true love for learning.

Each weekly book is between 35-40+ pages big! 

Everything is planned out for you with a supply list ahead of each week (most simple items found in your own home) as well as a recommended book list. Each week is packed with content that you can use for many years to come and weave into other age ranges. These lessons have been created specifically with homeschoolers who teach multiple ages in mind and weave in nicely with the Little Acorn Learning Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum. Many of the lessons expand beyond the first grade year and can be used with many grades with slight alterations.

Each weekly book provides lessons for language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, nature exploration, body and movement, songs, poems, verses, caregiver meditations, domestic arts skills, form drawing, handwork and artistic activities each week. The children have domestic arts as a lesson each week such as, folding laundry, setting the table and more. Our program works hard to keep the homeschooler in mind with caregiver meditations, caregiver focus suggestions as well as domestic and home support. 

 Week One: Squirrels & Nuts, Preparation

Language Arts:

 Jack Rabbit’s Visit Story

Upper Case Letter A Handwriting

Letter A Phonics

Long A Sound

Short A Sound

Make Main Lesson Book

First NAME Handwriting

Beginning, Middle & End of a Story

Pencil Grip

Letter A Birdseed Hanging

Letter A Hunt

Letter A Ball Game

Letter A Word Identification

Letter A Ball Game

Letter A Poem

Create Letter A with Nature Materials

Create Letter A with Beeswax



Number 1


Roman Numeral I

Tangible Counting 1-10 with Nuts



1st, 2nd 3rd

Sequence of Events

Making a Number Line

Practicing Identifying 1-10

Counting in Order

Circle Hunt

Identifying Curves and Lines in Nature


 Social Studies, Geography, Weather, Time:

 Days of the Week

Weather Verse

Right & Left Learning

Food Storage



 Science, Nature Study, Earth Discovery:

 Squirrels & Nuts

Feeding the Animals

Squirrel Hunt

Preparing for Cold Months

Tree Identification

Tree Bark Rubbings

Squirrels and their Behavior


Teacher’s Classroom Work:


Make Days of the Week Chart


For the Caregiver:


Caregiver Meditation: Preparation

Caregiver Focus: Observing Nature and Animals, Meditating Outdoors


Domestic Arts:


Washing/Drying/Folding Laundry

Chore Chart

Making Nut Butter




Squirrel, Nuts & Preparation Fingerplays/Songs

Days of the Week Song

Beginner Recorder or Flute




Finger Knitting Review

Letter A Birdseed Hanging

Watercolor Painting

Days of the Week Peg Dolls

Create a Loom


Form Drawing:


Straight and Curved Line


Movement, Body Awareness & Health:


Left & Right Learning

Crayon Holding

Balance and Walk Letter A Shape

Body Movements Letter A

Body Movements Curved and Straight

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