Sunprint Kit - Super Sized!

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Create beautiful natural art with the power of the sun--science and art for the curious!



Sunprint kits encourage an interest in the photographic process using only sun, water, and a bit of imagination. Place this light sensitive paper in the sun and you can capture the image of whatever you place on it. Wash with water to make it permanent. The larger size provides space for larger objects to create more elaborate works of art. Contains 15 8"x12" sheets and an acrylic overlay.

Made in United States


The smaller version of this kit was included in our surprise July 2022 Head, Heart & Hands Subscription Box 'What's the Weather?'


  • Rinse in water and dry, and you have a unique piece of art that's ready for framing, scrapbooking or making into notecards
  • Make your own unique, handcrafted notecards or framed prints
  • Acrylic overlay sheet that holds materials in place during sun exposure.
  • Fun to make and easy to use, solar prints make for a great craft at home or school.
  • Make cool designs using a chemical reaction that relies on the power of the sun. Solar prints are a fun and scientific art project to do with friends and family.


*We also carry a smaller version of these amazing kits!