Homegrown Easter Basket

Posted by Eileen Foley on 29th Mar 2022

Homegrown Easter Basket

This is a beautiful alternative to plastic Easter basket filling and a very fun activity to do with the children as we look towards spring.

Supplies Needed:




Plastic Lining

Potting Soil


Spray Bottle

Wheatberries can be purchased in bulk at your natural food market. They are the same that are used to grow the grass to make your wheatgrass drinks at juice bars. Soak the berries in water for 24 hours prior to the planting day. Shorter than that they aren't soft enough, and longer than that, they sour.

Have each child bring in their Easter Basket, which should be lined with plastic (just the bottom and barely up the sides so it can serve its purpose as a barrier, yet cannot be seen.) Then have the children add potting soil. The soil fills the basket approximately 1/3 of the way, you don't want to make the basket too heavy, but want it so the sun can get to the seeds.

Then each child can scoop a measuring cup of wheatberry seeds and create a layer of seeds on top of the soil. (You may want to go through after the children are gone and make sure each basket has an even layer)

Water each basket thoroughly with a gentle spray so as not to disturb the seeds.

The baskets are covered with a tight piece of saran wrap for the first 24 hours to create a "greenhouse". Be sure that the inside is moist. If it seems dry during that time, take the plastic warp off, spritz the seeds well, and reapply the wrap. The roots will be settling in first, and then you will begin to see tiny, yellow/green sprouts growing. Always leave your baskets in a very sunny place (indoors or outdoors is fine), and watch closely so that they do not become dry.

Spritz them with a spray bottle thoroughly a few times per day. If you have them outdoors be sure to bring them in in the evening to protect them from cold and animals. Since we had a specific deadline because the children went home Friday, we created greenhouse tents on some of the slower growing baskets to warm them up and help them along. Notice the moisture inside the plastic wrap tents.

Suddenly between day 9 and 12, they will burst into thick, green lush blades of grass!