Second Grade Curriculum (Ages 7-8)

Journey Through Second Grade – Curriculum Testers Wanted!


Be one of the very first homeschoolers to explore, review and sample our brand new second grade curriculum in real time as it is created at a fraction of the price!

This opportunity will be limited to a select group of homeschoolers.

Our second grade curriculum testers will have access to an exclusive community group and be provided lessons for language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, nature exploration, body and movement, songs, poems, verses and caregiver meditations. You will have access to each week of the curriculum as soon as it is created. 

We will ask you to provide input, testimonials, reviews and share photos of your homeschooling journey through second grade that we can share with others when the curriculum is complete. 

Testers must meet the following criteria:

Must be homeschooling a second grader in the Waldorf method or a similar approach.
Must join and actively participate in the community group.
Must offer input, reviews and photos whenever possible. We will not publish photos without your permission.
Must subscribe to receive lessons on a recurring basis.

Please note, your first lessons will be of the Autumn Semester no matter when you purchase. This curriculum will be evolving and growing over time and in a raw format. You will have all lessons before the mark of the 2021 school year if not sooner.

You will be billed $160 upon sign up. The actual cost of the curriculum when released is upward of $285 for 36 weekly lessons. No refunds provided for digital curriculum materials. 

email us with interest and a short bio at