Learning About Spring and Spring Animals

Posted by Eileen Foley on 29th Mar 2022

Learning About Spring and Spring Animals

Regardless of where you live, spring is a time of awakening and renewal. Many animals have their babies during this time, some animals who were hibernating wake up and there are many holidays and festivals that are celebrated this time of year such as the Spring Equinox, Easter, Passover, Ostara, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more.

Here are some fun facts about spring to talk about with your child:

  • The first day of spring begins on March 21st or 22nd depending on the year.
  • The first day of spring is also called The Vernal Equinox (or Spring Equinox).
  • Vernal is Latin for the word spring.
  • Equinox is Latin for equal days.
  • On the first day of spring, night and day are close to being of equal length.
  • Spring comes before summer. What season does it come after? (winter)

Ask the following questions to inspire free discussion during circle time (as taken from our Kindergarten Curriculum

In the spring many animals come out of hiding to look for food.

Have you seen any spring birds visiting the feeders lately?

Can you tell me what birds have all over their bodies? (feathers)

What are some other animals that wake up in the spring?

What are some animals that live on a farm? (sheep, cows, horses, chickens, pigs, goats, etc.)

What type of noise does a sheep make? A cow?

How about a horse? (continue with as many animals as you can)

Can you tell me about some animals that fly?

Do you know of any animals that hop? Any that can swim?

How about animals that walk on four legs?

What type of home do birds live in?

Birds often build their nests in trees to keep warm and safe.

Where do you think rabbits live? (holes in the ground)