The Day Saint Nicholas Came

Posted by Eileen Foley on 6th Dec 2021

The Day Saint Nicholas Came

The Day Saint Nicholas Came

In Holland, children set their shoes

This night outside the door;

These wooden shoes Knecht Clobes sees

And fills them from his store.

But here some hang their stockings up

On handy hook or nail;

And Santa Claus, when all is still,

Will fill them without fail.

Speak out, you please, speak out

And let us hear your views;

Between a stocking and a shoe,

What do you see to choose?

One of the most lovely traditions I began with my children when I found Waldorf Education was to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. The evening before, they leave out their shoes and he comes and fills them with a few small treats, fruit or candy. 

This year... Harry Potter flavored jelly beans, chapstick and chocolate coins. It is a long rooted tradition in many other countries but we enjoy this annual sweet precursor to Christmas and also still put our stockings out for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. My children are teenagers now. Last year St. Nick wasn't sure they were still interested in his visits but when he didn't come they were asking why he didn't fill their shoes :) - so this year he was sure to stop by.

If you did not remember to leave your shoes out last night, do not feel like it is too late. St. Nicholas will come to you too. You can put them out whenever you wish. I have a beautiful Advent and St. Nicholas Day festival digital book I created with my friend Sara Wilson of Love in the Suburbs to help you celebrate this month with the children leading up to Christmas Day if you are interested.