Kindergarten/Preschool Curriculum (Ages 3-6+)

Based on seasonal themes each week, our early childhood Kindergarten/Preschool curriculum includes lessons for the entire month, Mondays through Fridays. These lessons include verses, nature walks, crafts, book recommendations, teacher's classroom work ideas, story time prop Ideas, blackboard drawing ideas, recipes, children's meditations, caregiver meditations, outdoor suggestions, stories, fingerplays and more!

Each day is laid out for you completely with supply lists, ingredients, lessons for the day and daily rhythm. We also include your well-being in the curriculum with Caregiver Meditations and constant inspiration in your work with the children in your life. 

Each week has a theme based on the season and is ideal for the early childhood years as a sole curriculum or as a framework for your daily rhythm for older children who have additional academic work weaved in. This is why our program is perfect for mixed aged groups, families and co-ops.