Free Sample Second Grade - Whole to Parts Mathematics

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Bird Theme Whole to Parts Mathematics Lesson

In our Second Grade Curriculum, we work on so many things. One day's lesson in mathematics is to look at the whole number and break it down into parts. This is simple addition that was learned in our First Grade Curriculum but it brings the child deeper into the quality of numbers. 

From the curriculum - Week Six, Autumn Semester, Second Grade, Monday:

"Now that your child has learned numbers as wholes, it is helpful to continue to break them into parts to help them gain a firmer grasp on the quality of numbers. This can be fun but challenging at the same time. Go slow and let your child learn at his or her own pace.

On your blackboard, draw a nest with Mother Bird inside. On the nest write a number. Underneath, have two spots for the parts that equal the number. Fill one out and ask your child what the other should be. After practicing this way for a while, give your child the main number and have them come up with a combination of both parts without assistance. They can draw these in their Mathematics lesson book as they work.

We have provided templates below to inspire you or you may alternatively wish to work from them directly with your child or create your own.

What other ways can you break a whole into parts with your child?"