February Afterschooling Enrichment E-Book

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Four Full Weeks of Waldorf Crafting, Verses, Songs, Stories, Recipes, Caregiver Meditations, Adult Inner Work and Seasonal Celebrations

The Afterschool Enrichment books follow the rhythm of a weekly theme with the flexibility that teachers, homeschoolers and afterschooling parents need to enrich their children's Waldorf learning experience at home or school.  These E-Books are filled to the rim with crafts, recipes, activities, stories and inner-work suggestions and they follow a weekly theme to keep your home or school following a seasonal rhythm.  They are not structured like classroom lesson plans, as they are meant to be used in addition to your older child's regular schooling during the day or for add-on ideas to our At-Home Kindergarten Guides.  

These Enrichment Guides are created to help parents, teachers and caregivers of all types create a healthy, rhythmic and peaceful home for their children.  These guides may be used with children attending traditional schools, Waldorf schools, private schools, childcare centers or with homeschooled children as an enrichment tool to extend their Little Acorn ‘Learning’.   

This February's Enrichment Book Includes:

Week One, February
Candlemas, Cleansing

~Enjoy Book Recommendations to Bring the Ancient Festivals of Candlemas, St. Brigid and Imbolc into Your Home
~Verses and Songs to Use During Circle Time, Meal Time, Bedtime Blessing or Throughout Your Day
~Create a Candlemas Oil Drawing with Your Children
~Read The Snowdrop Story to Your Children
~Make Clay Candle Holders for Candlemas
~Celebrate the Celtic Goddess Brigid with Crafting, Recipes
& Verse
~Work with Us as We Delve Deep Within Ourselves as
Teachers, Parents and Caregivers to Cleanse Our Soul of
Unwanted Baggage
~Enjoy Learning How to Make Your Own Aromatherapy
and Natural Home Cleaning Products with Essential Oils
~Create and Burn a Candlemas Cleansing Candle to
Support Your Inner Work of Creating a Life Filled with
Peace, Light and Love
~Make a Cleansing Green Smoothie for a
Healthful and Delicious Treat

Week Two, February
Valentine's Day, Spreading Love

~Make Homemade Valentine Playdough with Your Children
~Enjoy so Many Verses, Poems and Songs to Celebrate Love this Week
~Read the Story of Saint Valentine
~Play Special Valentine's Day Games with Your Children
~Enjoy the Pentatonic Sheet Music and MP3 File of a Special Love
Filled Song to Play on Your Penny Whistle or Flute!
~Serve a Special Rose Love Recipe
~Craft a Sweet Valentine's Day Finger Puppet to Use
During Storytime
~Make Simple Beeswax Hearts
~Make Delicious Love Truffles with Your Family or Classroom
~Learn Simple Ways to Spread Love in Your Home and Community
~Meditate on How Sharing Love Gives You Love in Return

Week Three, February
One Planet, Peace

~Read Peaceful Stories of Unity to Your Children
~Share Verses and Songs Filled with Hope
for Our Planet
~Make a Fun Felted Earth Ball
~Have Fun in the Kitchen Making Our Own
Special Peace Biscuits
~Create Peace Flags in the Tradition of Those Made in Tibet
~Sing and Play an Song of Peace and Unity with Your
Penny Whistle or Flute and Enjoy Listening with
the MP3 File
~Work on Your Own Ability to Create Change and
Initiate Peace First and Foremost in Your
Home or School
~Cut Out Your Own Sweet Paper Doll Peace Hand Craft

Week Four, February
Seeds, Self-Reflection

~Sing Songs of New Life and Light Toward SPRING
~Make Seed and Bean Mosaics with Your Children
~Design Your Own Summer or Winter Garden Utilizing
Organic Seeds, Composting, the Astro Calendar and
Biodynamic Preparations
~Make Special Seed Crackers for Snack Time Using
a Dehydrator or Oven
~Start Lima Bean Sprouts
~Examine Rooting Systems with a Fun Science Experiment
~Take Time for Yourself with Our Caregiver Meditation and
Thoughts to Ponder on Self-Reflection this Week
~Create Your Own Art Journal to Use During Creative and Self-Reflection Time