Free Daily Rhythm for Homeschooling and Working at Home Ages 3 - 6

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 Free Daily Rhythm for Homeschooling and Working at Home

Early Childhood Years (Ages 3 to 6)

As a work at home parent, you have the added responsibility of trying to manage your child’s education while getting your tasks done. 

The first thing you should do is to create a daily schedule that will work for your specific situation. We recommend either finding a three hour block during the day to focus solely on homeschooling or homeschooling in one hour intervals, providing a lesson and then allowing your child to independently learn, play, read or create.  

We have created a sample schedule below based on the interval approach providing 4 scheduled hours for you to work. Understandably, many parents will need much more time than that to work from home. Our hope is that you will adjust this routine however best works for your family. As your child gets older, they will work much more independently and need less guidance.  

Our Early Childhood and First Grade curriculums offer specific content to add into your day under each category included.